My Favorite Hunting Grounds- Santana Row… and tips on picking up a bartender?

I hate to admit it, but one of my favorite places to go out in San Jose is Santana Row. It’s completely yuppy and full of people with way too much money (Bikes with Dior designed seats??). But then again, it’s not like I have much better options. The only other real place to go out for drinks in San Jose is downtown, and I’m sorry- but I’m not a poor college student and I don’t own a bullet proof vest. Besides, downtown has the wanna be thugs and gangstas, whereas Santana Row has the arrogant guys willing to throw down the Benjamins. Let’s get real here. Which place would you prefer as a young, single, professional woman? Exactly.

Since I can’t even afford to buy a sock from many of the stores at Santana Row, I mainly go there for the restaurants and bars. I love the drinks and food at most of the restaurants, and I love watching (laughing at) the people that stroll in throughout the night.

Santana Row just has a special place in my heart, as it is the place where Justin and I had the best date of our lives (together, of course). I’ve also had a few other dates there as well, and the guys always enjoyed themselves. But then again, they were with me, so it’s already a given that they’re going to have the best time of their lives. And just a couple weeks ago when I was at the bar at Sino, I got to meet Frank Gore, Maurice Hicks, and Zak Keasey from the 49ers! I almost peed myself. (P.S. I’m a die hard 49er Faithful. If you’re a Raiders fan, just stop reading and go away).

Single People Alert- It’s also a decent place to meet people and grab some numbers. That is if you’re into: metrosexual men, overly cocky men who aren’t even attractive, gorgeous men who know it, gay men who don’t know they’re gay, women whose outfits cost more than my entire savings account, cougars, pro football players, or hot, awesome, funny women like me. 🙂

So here are some brief reviews:

Thea Restaurant- Upscale Mediterranean dining, and one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve dined in. What you’ll find- mediocre food, tiny portions, huge prices.

Pizza Antica- Old World, casual Italian style restaurant that specializes in pizza (obviously). Their pizza is out of this world, and don’t miss out on the ricotta gnocci! Soft pillows of pleasure (haha, why does that sound like a big girl porn flick?).

Maggiano’s- A more formal Italian restaurant with HUGE portions and decent prices. Great for group dinners and those times you want to go into a food coma for the next 3 days. Their stuffed mushrooms, mushroom ravioli, profiteroles, and apple crostada are all absolutely amazing.

Blowfish Sushi – A sushi restaurant with an identity crisis. It can’t decide whether it’s a restaurant or rave lounge. Sushi is good, but way overpriced. You come here hungry and leave here hungry- unless you’re willing to shell out $40-$50 per person. One of my favorite dishes ever is here- the Pyramid of Tartare appetizer. My second favorite bartender is also here- Adam. So insanely adorable and makes me drool more than the sushi. He knows my name but also as the “Girl in the Red” and always hooks me up. I bought 3 shots and 2 drinks from him last night and only paid $15. HOLLA!

Straits – Asian fusion restaurant that converts into a mini dance club late at night, despite the fact that the space is small. The resulting effect is feeling like you’re a sardine in a can, so it’s not really fun for me and I tend to avoid it. Always tons of young, single people and sugar daddies. Hostesses look like they could be street walkers. Food is awesome though, as long as you’re willing to pay $20 or more per plate. You cannot miss out on the roti prata and origami seabass!

Sino- My favorite restaurant/lounge at Santana Row. It’s gorgeous, has amazing Chinese food, and a good atmosphere. It tends to get really packed on Thursday and Saturday nights with all the types of people I previously mentioned, so it makes for fun people watching. If you want your tongue to have an orgasm, order these dishes: Kobe Beef Sliders, Crab Risotto, and Char Siu Chilean Sea Bass. Those are all so GOOOD. I have fantasies about the crab risotto. It’s one of those dishes you want to simultaneously savor and devour. My absolute favorite bartender, Alvin, works here too. He is even more gorgeous than Adam and always hooks me up. He has a heavy hand, which I love. And to be honest, I’d like to find out what else those hands are capable of… (For you men- Fallon is the attractive, female bartender there. But my cousin, Robby, has already claimed her as his wife.)

Sino is also fortunate enough to be the place where my cousin, Minkus, threw up into the middle of the bar crowd. I pretended not to know him, and subsequently begin pointing and laughing with the rest of the crowd.

Hope my tips helped all you party people out there! You’ll most likely catch me there on a Saturday night, blissfully buzzed and drooling over Alvin.

**Bartenders- How can I pull off picking up a bartender when they probably get numbers thrown at them every night? Help a girl out!


6 responses to “My Favorite Hunting Grounds- Santana Row… and tips on picking up a bartender?

  1. What about los gatos baby? We’ll always have the Black Watch & hung over cheese platters at California Cafe.

  2. I still owe you a pitcher of that white wine sangria from the bet I lost. 😉 To all the metros and sugar daddies at Sino, watch out for this girl. She’ll ignore your advances just to dig to the bottom of the sangria for the lychees!

  3. What happened to confessions of a hussy?!?!

  4. You need to try the goat cheese bruschetta at Pizza Antica. A party in my mouth (and no, you’re not invited!).

  5. This writer has failed to mention that Sino also has a great chicken dish at their restaurant. She usually sits at the bar and waits for her older cousin to arrive so he can feed her lines to spit at her dreamy bartender.

  6. Yo! Check out my blog where I discuss being a single pro athlete in the Bay Area and my search for a fun, easy to talk to, flexible young lady who loves to eat, dance and people-watch.

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