25 Year Old Single Woman = Spinster in Waiting

“In my country (Russia), if you are 25 year old woman and still not married, there’s something wrong with you”, so says my friend in my yoga studio. To which I replied, “Well, we’re in the US, and my entire family still thinks there’s something wrong with me. I don’t think it’s specific to Russia”.

And am I wrong??

Now that my cousin, Audrina, is married, it means that I am the next girl in line in my family to get hitched. So there is my aunt, asking me if I considered trying Match.com and my own grandmother readjusting my cleavage so that I could attract some men. My mother calls me weekly to tell me how she prays each night that I will find a good husband. Because, you know, nothing else is quite as important…. like, world peace, ending poverty, etc.

Here I was, thinking all along that I was still young and had plenty of time. But apparently, being 25 and single is akin to being a desperately, hopeless, outcast of society. But with so many other women choosing to focus on their career before settling down, am I really so different from all the other women my age?

I still want to further my career, travel, and enjoy living on my own for a few more years. I’m okay with not being anywhere close to being married. I like being on my own and doing my own thing, and I’m proud of that. Besides, the thought of even sharing a bathroom with a guy grosses me out.

But then there’s this nagging thought in the back of my mind that reminds me that I do in fact wish I had someone in my life. Not to consider marrying right now, but just someone to pass the time with and share my life with. Someone to be my companion and eat good food with me. Someone to give me hot sex on a regular basis (sorry to my cousins who had to read that- but don’t deny you don’t want that too!). I enjoy the fact that I am independent and can take care of myself. But sometimes, you don’t want to have to go through it all on your own. And it makes it even harder when you have your family reminding you how alone you are, and insinuating that you’re becoming increasingly hopeless.

But what makes it the most difficult is when you already have that someone in mind.

Oh well- maybe I will address the issue of needing hot sex on a regular basis first. That usually isn’t too difficult to find. Just gotta hit my contact list on my cell phone. Jorge, expect a call from me soon, baby!


5 responses to “25 Year Old Single Woman = Spinster in Waiting

  1. You know, I find it funny that my mom told you to try Match.com when she told me (at 24) that I shouldn’t deal with guys and should just get a vibrator.

    And if I REALLY wanted sex, to go to Vegas. Little did she know….HA HA HA.

  2. I already told you about the timeline. If you really want to have a kid by 29 years, you need to prego at 28, and if you want at least 1 year of marriage pre-prego… you need to be married at 27. Let’s assume a year engagement – get the engagement rock no later than 26. So yah, you’d better meet your fiance… NOW

  3. I’m not married and I’m 26.

    Of course, I did invest in a Real Doll, so that helps things a bit.

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  5. I googled “do men find 25 yr olds attractive” and this is what I got. Interesting to say the least.

    Not long ago I was 21 & and I had a string of older men as friends. I just turned 25 & and have realized that even guys my age like 18/19 yr olds. Starting to feel a bit old here. Especially when every cute guy I’ve been meeting lately is 21. Not to mention half of them with g/fs.

    Let me tell you as a girl with many guy friends, there are a lot of losers out there. EVen ones married or in relationships aren’t exactly the same guy his wife/g/f thinks he his when he’s around other people.

    Relationships are complex, even if you are a simple person it is easy to find a loser since there are sooo many. Single or not.

    The key I think is to do things that make you feel good & young and feeling good about yourself isn’t for married woman alone. Times have changed 25 is the new 20.

    I may have been feeling “old” to get to here, 25 half way to 50 but then 15 is half way to 30 so it depends on how you look at things. Cheers to quality chocolate & the rabbit! At least the rabbit will hit the spot n e time it’s convieniet for you & lasts more then a minute. 😉

    Not to mention half of regrets married people have once they have kids or a kid & are not financially free to travel or have done many things they would have liked. Like many I know who envy me for having travelled all over the world.

    Your age may get older but you don’t have to. Long live 21 & at 40 long live 29.

    Ciao ~ Lux

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