An Addict for Temptation

“I can resist anything but temptation”- My favorite quote from Oscar Wilde, and also the story of my life these days.

Do you ever see yourself doing something and you’re screaming in your head,  “STOP! This is BAD!” and yet you do it anyway? Yeah, that’s me… all the time.

Here are just a couple examples…

I’m at Justin’s house just hanging out with him, and I go into his room for a massage (First “STOP, Mia” instance) . I lie in his bed to have him massage me (Second “STOP, Mia”). We decide to lie in bed and cuddle for a bit afterwards, both insisting that this is normal “friendship” behavior (Third “STOP, Mia”). Next thing you know, we’re engaged in a hot & heavy make-out session that culminates into… well, you know (About a million “STOP, Mia!!”‘s per second throughout). I knew we were being bad; I knew we needed to stop. But every other part of me was saying, “YES YES YES YES YES” and I couldn’t resist, any more than you could stop a herd of lions. I just wanted and so I had to have.

And damn, was it worth it.

Second Instance

I’ve always had the tiniest crush on my yoga instructor, Brad- there’s something very sexy & intimate about being bossed around in hot and sweltering room. And his constant, focused attention on me (and not to mention the neck massages he gives me after class) only added to that crush. But I only ever saw it as a little harmless crush that would never culminate into anything. Until…

So we began harmlessly emailing each other- only to have the emails escalate into VERY flirtatious exchanges. Throughout the hot & heavy emailing, I am constantly trying to convince myself that this will be the LAST email. That was a week ago. Right now, as you read this, I’m participating in another flirtatious email exchange with Brad after a night where we closed the studio together and contemplated making use of the massage table. Again, “STOP, Mia!”  I don’t even think I would go so far as sleeping with my yoga instructor since I love my yoga life and wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize it. Not to mention the sad, but very real fact that I would just be wishing it was Justin the entire time. So because of this, I really should stop this “thing” with Brad. But it’s just too fun & sexy for me to resist.

I know both of the above instances can lead into T-R-O-U-B-L-E, and I know I’m already on the accelerated path to it. But it’s like eating ice cream- I’ve had a taste, and now I’m not going to stop until I finish the whole, damn pint.


3 responses to “An Addict for Temptation

  1. Massages leading to something more, being so incredibly erotic, are as addictive as any recreational drug, and as difficult to break out of.

  2. I need more examples… temptation with booze, food, money…. Come on Mia! Let me read the oozing raw wrongness of your temptations

  3. So was it you who farted in yoga class the other day?

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