A Confession of Love For Trevese Restaurant, Los Gatos CA

Trevese is an upscale restaurant that focuses their menu on what is fresh and seasonal, and draws their inspiration from California, Asia, and Europe. The results are beautifully plated dishes that are clean, complex, flavorful, and unexpected. Everything there is nothing short of bliss for your palette.

The first time I went inside Trevese, it was when I was strolling around downtown Los Gatos with Justin, and I desperately needed to go to the bathroom. I frantically looked around and saw a restaurant located in a gorgeous mansion. I thought to myself, “Hmm… that looks like a great place to pee”. So we went inside and entered a beautifully sleek, elegant, and modern space. Immediately, I knew I came upon a great find. Since they were closing, I only had the opportunity to use their restroom. Even though they knew I was only there to relieve myself, the staff went out of their way to make sure Justin and I still had a pleasant experience. They made a point to chat with us, gave us a rundown of what their restaurant was all about, and was nice enough to escort me to the restroom. I had to say, it was the nicest bathroom experience I have ever had. I thought to myself, “Wow. Imagine what the actual dining experience is like if that was the service I got just for using their bathroom”. So I knew I had to return.

A few months later, I took Lorelai back to the restaurant so that I could actually say that I did more than just pee there. Unfortunately, Lorelai and I don’t exactly have the big bucks to eat an actual meal at Trevese. So we decided to just have a few glasses of wine in their lounge since they are also known for their extensive and well thought out wine list. That night, we ended up chatting and making friends with the restaurant manager/ sommelier. He was incredibly nice, attentive, and just an overall great guy. He poured us several different wines that all tasted amazing. Then when he overheard me telling Lorelai about my inappropriate obsession with chocolate, he brought us out two of their chocolate desserts. One was the standard Molten Lava Chocolate Cake, which was anything but standard and ordinary. The cake was dark, unfailingly moist, and oozed just the right amount of thick chocolate. On top of the cake were “espresso bits” that accentuated the darkness and depth of the cake. And of course, it came with vanilla bean gelato. Oh… but it only gets better… The second chocolate dessert is what they call, “Textures in Chocolate”. I am not exaggerating when i say that this is my FAVORITE dessert EVER. The plate comes out looking like an artistic & textural study in chocolate. It’s composed of a milk chocolate mousse, dark chocolate thin cookies, and a white chocolate “cloud”. OH MY GOD. Who knew heaven could exist on a plate? The mousse was thick, the cookies crunchy, and the white chocolate “cloud” was cold, whipped white chocolate with white chocolate shavings dispersed inside. When I eat this dessert, I close my eyes and actually believe that all is right in my life.

As you can imagine, Lorelai and I absolutely adore the manager.

Lorelai and I have returned to Trevese a few times, but always to drink and never to eat. We keep telling ourselves, “Someday… when we have money…” But thanks to our friend, we have had the opportunity to try their seared scallops with soba noodles, bacon bread, their in house bread, fries, sirloin steak sliders, and steamed mussels and clams. The last two items we actually ordered during their happy hour (ends at 6:30 pm). EVERYTHING we have eaten has never failed us. You can tell the chef put a lot of thought into the dishes and the result stems from a labor of love. Everything we have eaten has been incredibly delicious and sooo…. unique. The combinations, the preparation of the food, the flavors- it all is its own thing. And I cannot say enough about how great and unpretentious their staff is. They place a high value on customer service and make it a point to know you as you, not just as a customer. All of this combined equates to a great place to kick back with your buddies, chat, and enjoy life as it’s meant to be enjoyed.

And to our friend- thank you for indulging our obsessive, irrational, insatiable love for food, wine, and good company.

Trevese will always have a place in my stomach and heart.


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