A Confession of Love For Trevese Restaurant, Los Gatos CA

Trevese is an upscale restaurant that focuses their menu on what is fresh and seasonal, and draws their inspiration from California, Asia, and Europe. The results are beautifully plated dishes that are clean, complex, flavorful, and unexpected. Everything there is nothing short of bliss for your palette.

The first time I went inside Trevese, it was when I was strolling around downtown Los Gatos with Justin, and I desperately needed to go to the bathroom. I frantically looked around and saw a restaurant located in a gorgeous mansion. I thought to myself, “Hmm… that looks like a great place to pee”. So we went inside and entered a beautifully sleek, elegant, and modern space. Immediately, I knew I came upon a great find. Since they were closing, I only had the opportunity to use their restroom. Even though they knew I was only there to relieve myself, the staff went out of their way to make sure Justin and I still had a pleasant experience. They made a point to chat with us, gave us a rundown of what their restaurant was all about, and was nice enough to escort me to the restroom. I had to say, it was the nicest bathroom experience I have ever had. I thought to myself, “Wow. Imagine what the actual dining experience is like if that was the service I got just for using their bathroom”. So I knew I had to return.

A few months later, I took Lorelai back to the restaurant so that I could actually say that I did more than just pee there. Unfortunately, Lorelai and I don’t exactly have the big bucks to eat an actual meal at Trevese. So we decided to just have a few glasses of wine in their lounge since they are also known for their extensive and well thought out wine list. That night, we ended up chatting and making friends with the restaurant manager/ sommelier. He was incredibly nice, attentive, and just an overall great guy. He poured us several different wines that all tasted amazing. Then when he overheard me telling Lorelai about my inappropriate obsession with chocolate, he brought us out two of their chocolate desserts. One was the standard Molten Lava Chocolate Cake, which was anything but standard and ordinary. The cake was dark, unfailingly moist, and oozed just the right amount of thick chocolate. On top of the cake were “espresso bits” that accentuated the darkness and depth of the cake. And of course, it came with vanilla bean gelato. Oh… but it only gets better… The second chocolate dessert is what they call, “Textures in Chocolate”. I am not exaggerating when i say that this is my FAVORITE dessert EVER. The plate comes out looking like an artistic & textural study in chocolate. It’s composed of a milk chocolate mousse, dark chocolate thin cookies, and a white chocolate “cloud”. OH MY GOD. Who knew heaven could exist on a plate? The mousse was thick, the cookies crunchy, and the white chocolate “cloud” was cold, whipped white chocolate with white chocolate shavings dispersed inside. When I eat this dessert, I close my eyes and actually believe that all is right in my life.

As you can imagine, Lorelai and I absolutely adore the manager.

Lorelai and I have returned to Trevese a few times, but always to drink and never to eat. We keep telling ourselves, “Someday… when we have money…” But thanks to our friend, we have had the opportunity to try their seared scallops with soba noodles, bacon bread, their in house bread, fries, sirloin steak sliders, and steamed mussels and clams. The last two items we actually ordered during their happy hour (ends at 6:30 pm). EVERYTHING we have eaten has never failed us. You can tell the chef put a lot of thought into the dishes and the result stems from a labor of love. Everything we have eaten has been incredibly delicious and sooo…. unique. The combinations, the preparation of the food, the flavors- it all is its own thing. And I cannot say enough about how great and unpretentious their staff is. They place a high value on customer service and make it a point to know you as you, not just as a customer. All of this combined equates to a great place to kick back with your buddies, chat, and enjoy life as it’s meant to be enjoyed.

And to our friend- thank you for indulging our obsessive, irrational, insatiable love for food, wine, and good company.

Trevese will always have a place in my stomach and heart.


My Boss is Satan

I felt the need to confess to the world that Satan is my boss.


1. He looks like Satan

2. He has the most evil laugh I have ever heard

3. He takes pleasure in yelling at everyone in meetings, and claims it as just him being “passionate” about his work

4. Just the sight of him or sound of his voice makes my blood curdle

5. You never know which direction from which he will attack

6. He likes really spicy food

7. He’s made a few people cry in meetings

8. I have to sell my soul to him if I want to get to where I need to be in my career (i.e. feeling okay with taking other people’s jobs so that I can move ahead)

I never thought I would have the opportunity to meet Satan while I am alive, but there it is.

Love or Lust

In my last post, I mentioned that I would never really actually start a fling with my yoga instructor, despite our hot & heavy email exchanges.

Well… now, I’m not so certain.

Again, this goes back to my inability to resist temptation. But then again, I haven’t had any real flings since I met Justin. Before I met him, I was all about dating numerous guys and sleeping around with them even if I didn’t really like them. I wasn’t looking for anything serious- I just wanted to have fun where I could get it and to take advantage of the fact that I was young and could get away with it. It was all about giving in to temptation.

Then I met Justin, and he made me want to throw that all away in exchange for him- just him. After I met Justin, I couldn’t see or want anyone else but him. And so it remained that way from the moment we met.

Fast forward a year and a half later, and I am still here wanting Justin. I am still here in the same place wanting, yearning, hoping. And I am tired.

Then walks in Brad, my yoga instructor. Brad who is someone new; a breath of fresh air. Brad who, to quote him directly: “…entirely… unbelievably… distractingly… so wants…” me. Brad, who has awoken in me that girl from a former life, where all she was looking for was instant gratification and feeling good. There were never any messy emotions to deal with in that former life- just as I know there won’t be with Brad. With him, it’ll be purely about making each other feel good- and perhaps that is exactly what I need right now.

I know there’s the possibility that sleeping with Brad will just make me miss Justin more. But on the flip side, there’s also the possibility that it may distract me from Justin- even if only temporarily. And that possibility is worth taking the risk.

As I write this, Brad is eager, wanting, and waiting to hear my decision. And let me tell you, it’s nice to make someone else wait for once.

An Addict for Temptation

“I can resist anything but temptation”- My favorite quote from Oscar Wilde, and also the story of my life these days.

Do you ever see yourself doing something and you’re screaming in your head,  “STOP! This is BAD!” and yet you do it anyway? Yeah, that’s me… all the time.

Here are just a couple examples…

I’m at Justin’s house just hanging out with him, and I go into his room for a massage (First “STOP, Mia” instance) . I lie in his bed to have him massage me (Second “STOP, Mia”). We decide to lie in bed and cuddle for a bit afterwards, both insisting that this is normal “friendship” behavior (Third “STOP, Mia”). Next thing you know, we’re engaged in a hot & heavy make-out session that culminates into… well, you know (About a million “STOP, Mia!!”‘s per second throughout). I knew we were being bad; I knew we needed to stop. But every other part of me was saying, “YES YES YES YES YES” and I couldn’t resist, any more than you could stop a herd of lions. I just wanted and so I had to have.

And damn, was it worth it.

Second Instance

I’ve always had the tiniest crush on my yoga instructor, Brad- there’s something very sexy & intimate about being bossed around in hot and sweltering room. And his constant, focused attention on me (and not to mention the neck massages he gives me after class) only added to that crush. But I only ever saw it as a little harmless crush that would never culminate into anything. Until…

So we began harmlessly emailing each other- only to have the emails escalate into VERY flirtatious exchanges. Throughout the hot & heavy emailing, I am constantly trying to convince myself that this will be the LAST email. That was a week ago. Right now, as you read this, I’m participating in another flirtatious email exchange with Brad after a night where we closed the studio together and contemplated making use of the massage table. Again, “STOP, Mia!”  I don’t even think I would go so far as sleeping with my yoga instructor since I love my yoga life and wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize it. Not to mention the sad, but very real fact that I would just be wishing it was Justin the entire time. So because of this, I really should stop this “thing” with Brad. But it’s just too fun & sexy for me to resist.

I know both of the above instances can lead into T-R-O-U-B-L-E, and I know I’m already on the accelerated path to it. But it’s like eating ice cream- I’ve had a taste, and now I’m not going to stop until I finish the whole, damn pint.

Love & Loneliness

In the past month, Justin and I have become increasingly close. We’ve become something more. I can’t place my finger on it exactly, but it’s there. When we’re together, which has been a lot lately, the connection, chemistry, and affection runs so much deeper than it ever has before. In a way, it’s beautiful and lovely. I’m more in love with him than ever, and I know he could very well love me too.

But on the other edge of that sword, it all makes it that much more difficult for me not to want him in the worst way. I’ve been trying to see if it was possible for me to love him without painfully yearning for him. But he makes it difficult when he’s constantly wanting to see me; or doing things like buying me a new dresser, bringing Lorelai and I coffee, helping me fix my room, pulling me in close to him. It’s all I can do not to break down.

Recently, we were lying together and he was looking at me with such affection that I had to turn away before I fell apart. And I managed to make myself ask him, “Justin, remind me again why we’re not together”. And he said what he has already told me before- that he’s still not comfortable with himself or his life to feel able to commit to me or to anyone. He was worried he would just screw it all up again with us by rushing things and jumping into it when he was still unsure of what he wanted. And then he went on about how deeply he cares about me, how much he enjoys our time together, and he wouldn’t ever consider our time together as a waste or pointless. His take on us is that if it is meant to be, then it will all come together at the right time. And if not, then that just means we were not for each other.

I know all this, and I understand it. It is also what I tell myself to make sense of it all. My head sees it clearly. But my heart. My heart knows no reason or logic. All it knows is that it just wants him. And I can’t help but want him. I can’t help but miss him every day. I don’t know how to fight or bury those feelings. Sometimes, all I can do is breathe through it.

I hate to admit it- but despite my pride in being independent and happy on my own, the loneliness is there under the surface- and it’s palpable. I don’t know if it’s because I am tired of being alone, or if it’s because I am tired of being without him. Am I just lonely, or am I lonely for him?

And what’s worse? Being lonely with no one in sight, or being lonely with the one you want right before your eyes?

25 Year Old Single Woman = Spinster in Waiting

“In my country (Russia), if you are 25 year old woman and still not married, there’s something wrong with you”, so says my friend in my yoga studio. To which I replied, “Well, we’re in the US, and my entire family still thinks there’s something wrong with me. I don’t think it’s specific to Russia”.

And am I wrong??

Now that my cousin, Audrina, is married, it means that I am the next girl in line in my family to get hitched. So there is my aunt, asking me if I considered trying Match.com and my own grandmother readjusting my cleavage so that I could attract some men. My mother calls me weekly to tell me how she prays each night that I will find a good husband. Because, you know, nothing else is quite as important…. like, world peace, ending poverty, etc.

Here I was, thinking all along that I was still young and had plenty of time. But apparently, being 25 and single is akin to being a desperately, hopeless, outcast of society. But with so many other women choosing to focus on their career before settling down, am I really so different from all the other women my age?

I still want to further my career, travel, and enjoy living on my own for a few more years. I’m okay with not being anywhere close to being married. I like being on my own and doing my own thing, and I’m proud of that. Besides, the thought of even sharing a bathroom with a guy grosses me out.

But then there’s this nagging thought in the back of my mind that reminds me that I do in fact wish I had someone in my life. Not to consider marrying right now, but just someone to pass the time with and share my life with. Someone to be my companion and eat good food with me. Someone to give me hot sex on a regular basis (sorry to my cousins who had to read that- but don’t deny you don’t want that too!). I enjoy the fact that I am independent and can take care of myself. But sometimes, you don’t want to have to go through it all on your own. And it makes it even harder when you have your family reminding you how alone you are, and insinuating that you’re becoming increasingly hopeless.

But what makes it the most difficult is when you already have that someone in mind.

Oh well- maybe I will address the issue of needing hot sex on a regular basis first. That usually isn’t too difficult to find. Just gotta hit my contact list on my cell phone. Jorge, expect a call from me soon, baby!

My Favorite Hunting Grounds- Santana Row… and tips on picking up a bartender?

I hate to admit it, but one of my favorite places to go out in San Jose is Santana Row. It’s completely yuppy and full of people with way too much money (Bikes with Dior designed seats??). But then again, it’s not like I have much better options. The only other real place to go out for drinks in San Jose is downtown, and I’m sorry- but I’m not a poor college student and I don’t own a bullet proof vest. Besides, downtown has the wanna be thugs and gangstas, whereas Santana Row has the arrogant guys willing to throw down the Benjamins. Let’s get real here. Which place would you prefer as a young, single, professional woman? Exactly.

Since I can’t even afford to buy a sock from many of the stores at Santana Row, I mainly go there for the restaurants and bars. I love the drinks and food at most of the restaurants, and I love watching (laughing at) the people that stroll in throughout the night.

Santana Row just has a special place in my heart, as it is the place where Justin and I had the best date of our lives (together, of course). I’ve also had a few other dates there as well, and the guys always enjoyed themselves. But then again, they were with me, so it’s already a given that they’re going to have the best time of their lives. And just a couple weeks ago when I was at the bar at Sino, I got to meet Frank Gore, Maurice Hicks, and Zak Keasey from the 49ers! I almost peed myself. (P.S. I’m a die hard 49er Faithful. If you’re a Raiders fan, just stop reading and go away).

Single People Alert- It’s also a decent place to meet people and grab some numbers. That is if you’re into: metrosexual men, overly cocky men who aren’t even attractive, gorgeous men who know it, gay men who don’t know they’re gay, women whose outfits cost more than my entire savings account, cougars, pro football players, or hot, awesome, funny women like me. 🙂

So here are some brief reviews:

Thea Restaurant- Upscale Mediterranean dining, and one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve dined in. What you’ll find- mediocre food, tiny portions, huge prices.

Pizza Antica- Old World, casual Italian style restaurant that specializes in pizza (obviously). Their pizza is out of this world, and don’t miss out on the ricotta gnocci! Soft pillows of pleasure (haha, why does that sound like a big girl porn flick?).

Maggiano’s- A more formal Italian restaurant with HUGE portions and decent prices. Great for group dinners and those times you want to go into a food coma for the next 3 days. Their stuffed mushrooms, mushroom ravioli, profiteroles, and apple crostada are all absolutely amazing.

Blowfish Sushi – A sushi restaurant with an identity crisis. It can’t decide whether it’s a restaurant or rave lounge. Sushi is good, but way overpriced. You come here hungry and leave here hungry- unless you’re willing to shell out $40-$50 per person. One of my favorite dishes ever is here- the Pyramid of Tartare appetizer. My second favorite bartender is also here- Adam. So insanely adorable and makes me drool more than the sushi. He knows my name but also as the “Girl in the Red” and always hooks me up. I bought 3 shots and 2 drinks from him last night and only paid $15. HOLLA!

Straits – Asian fusion restaurant that converts into a mini dance club late at night, despite the fact that the space is small. The resulting effect is feeling like you’re a sardine in a can, so it’s not really fun for me and I tend to avoid it. Always tons of young, single people and sugar daddies. Hostesses look like they could be street walkers. Food is awesome though, as long as you’re willing to pay $20 or more per plate. You cannot miss out on the roti prata and origami seabass!

Sino- My favorite restaurant/lounge at Santana Row. It’s gorgeous, has amazing Chinese food, and a good atmosphere. It tends to get really packed on Thursday and Saturday nights with all the types of people I previously mentioned, so it makes for fun people watching. If you want your tongue to have an orgasm, order these dishes: Kobe Beef Sliders, Crab Risotto, and Char Siu Chilean Sea Bass. Those are all so GOOOD. I have fantasies about the crab risotto. It’s one of those dishes you want to simultaneously savor and devour. My absolute favorite bartender, Alvin, works here too. He is even more gorgeous than Adam and always hooks me up. He has a heavy hand, which I love. And to be honest, I’d like to find out what else those hands are capable of… (For you men- Fallon is the attractive, female bartender there. But my cousin, Robby, has already claimed her as his wife.)

Sino is also fortunate enough to be the place where my cousin, Minkus, threw up into the middle of the bar crowd. I pretended not to know him, and subsequently begin pointing and laughing with the rest of the crowd.

Hope my tips helped all you party people out there! You’ll most likely catch me there on a Saturday night, blissfully buzzed and drooling over Alvin.

**Bartenders- How can I pull off picking up a bartender when they probably get numbers thrown at them every night? Help a girl out!